Our Technology

HeartSine® Inventor. Innovator. Lifesaver.

Just ask. Leading corporations, organizations and industry experts agree: HeartSine has a comprehensive offering and benefits that deserve serious consideration when selecting a partner to supply lifesaving AED technology.

Here’s how HeartSine’s leading AED technology differs from the technologies used by other AED manufacturers:

Superior Design. Our state-of-the-art firmware and software enable a superior offering with increased savings by using the most advanced components available. Using this technology allows HeartSine to offer advantages that are superior to those devices still using technology from more than a decade ago.

Fastest Shock Delivery. Electrodes, while not only the primary point of contact between the patient and the defibrillator, form the critical link between the AED and its ability to deliver life-saving energy to the patient. HeartSine electrode technology uses a patented construction method to provide a rapid recovery time (reducing the time between shock and CPR), and a four-year shelf life without significant increase in cost. This same technology provides superior electrical performance and greatly reduced noise. HeartSine electrodes also are large and have very low impedance, both of which are critical to successful defibrillation.

Clinically Advanced. samaritan PADs use proprietary electrode technology, advanced and stable firmware, and proprietary SCOPE™ Biphasic technology [link to technote] (an escalating and low-energy waveform that automatically adjusts for patient impedance differences) to assess rhythm and recommend defibrillation if necessary.

Superior Protection. The samaritan PADs have a rating of IP56, providing the highest level of moisture and dust ingress protection in the industry. Because our products are some of the most robust AEDs available on the market, we’re able to offer a standard ten-year product warranty making the samaritan® PAD the best backed AED technology on the market today. This protection is three to five years longer than industry standards and solidifies our commitment to providing you with excellent protection. That translates into comfort and security for your customers, employees, family and friends.

User Friendly Components. Our innovative Pad-Pak™ cartridge houses both the battery and electrodes for the device. One expiration date eliminates the need and reduces the costs to track and inventory two separate items. Complimentary software upgrades are available for user download from our website and the samaritan PAD offers user-selectable language options to provide adaptability across multiple site applications.

CPR Coaching Based on Vital Sign Measurement. CPR Advisor, a key feature on the samaritan PAD 500P , provides the rescuer with real-time audible and visual instructions to guide the rescuer in performing effective CPR. This unique feature utilizes an Impedance Cardiogram (ICG) which guides the user in force and speed of compressions for the victim. The ICG measures dynamic changes in the patient’s thorax, which helps ensure the administration of effective CPR.

Advanced technology balanced against the demands of real-world use. At HeartSine, our innovation changes lives. And saves lives.

Inventive, Innovative and Patented Technology

HeartSine products take advantage of our proprietary technology components, which include:

      • Cardiac arrhythmia detection and defibrillation algorithm
      • Advanced microprocessor-based energy switching and delivery system
      • SCOPETM– an optimized biphasic energy delivery waveform
      • Innovative electrode design for monitoring heart activity and facilitating defibrillation energy delivery
      • Unique ICG-based CPR Advisor system

It’s lifesaving, pure and simple.