Upload Saver EVO

If you have used a HeartSine samaritan® PAD during a Sudden Cardiac Arrest event, it’s critical that you provide HeartSine with the Saver EVO® file that contains HS_SmallButtonStckr0813_Rev1_webcomprehensive event data about the event. This information is used by HeartSine to measure the success of our AEDs and to continually improve our products to ensure the most optimum results. The Saver EVO data also can be provided to a survivor’s physician to facilitate patient care.

To obtain this data, you must download and install on your PC the Saver EVO data management software which enables you to download, review and print ECG waveforms and event history data recorded and stored in HeartSine samaritan PAD devices. Next, you must submit the Saver EVO file to HeartSine.

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Saver EVO Software
(Updated October 24, 2013)


The Saver EVO Software is required to configure and download event data to a PC from the HeartSine samaritan PAD models SAM 300, SAM 300P, SAM 350P, SAM 360P and SAM 500P. The software features:

• Utstein style reporting and report export capabilities
• User configuration setup and time synchronization
• Simple point and click

Saver EVO requires the HeartSine USB data cable to interface with the HeartSine samaritan PAD. If a data cable was not provided with your device, please contact your HeartSine Authorized Distributor.


Submit a Saver EVO File

Immediately after an event has occurred, download the Saver EVO file from the samaritan PAD and submit it to HeartSine.